Thursday, 5 November 2009

We've Moved!!

Hey guys apologies for being so quiet recently. All the Style Bazaar activity has now moved to the Glossy Magazine blog on tumblr

Come join us!!!!

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Rising Fashionista: Willa Holland

Willa Holland has got one of those faces you know you recognize but can’t really place. We actually had to IMDB her to find out more. But then we had a a few aha moments in quick succession. Her most memorable TV roles were as Mischa Barton’s younger bratty sister Kaitlin Cooper in “The OC” and the rebellious Agnes Little J’s sidekick turned enemy in “Gossip Girl”.

Her fresh faced look and relaxed yet pulled together style has got us watching her every move.

Willa, Style Bazaar salutes you!

Saturday, 5 September 2009

VB's Best Magazine Cover To Date!

Victoria Beckham should be kissing the feet of the team at US Elle as this is the best magazine cover she's ever had! The UK Vogue cover was too spangly and made her look like a misplaced pouting cinderella, the Russian Vogue cover was a bit severe for our liking and the less said about the Vogue India cover the better. This Elle masterpiece definitely tops them all - fierce, fashion forward and futuristic this is the fabulous Victoria Beckham all our fashion fantasties are made of.

VB and US Elle, Style Bazaar salutes you!

Photos:, Vogue, Elle

Alex Curran Works Autumn's Hottest Trends

Let's face it WAG's are usually the last people on the planet we would look to for chicspiration. The overly bleached hair, tangoed skin and penchant for low cut tops frankly scream crass as opposed to class. But Alex Curran is definitely endearing herself to us in this outfit. Her studded boots, ripped jeans and Rick Owens - esque leather jacket have literally got us style stalking her. It's no easy feat to look this achingly on trend yet relaxed.

Alex, Style Bazaar salutes you!


Tuesday, 1 September 2009

SATC 2 Filming Underway!!!

The Sex and the City 2 film is a definite go and we sooo can not wait for another dose of amazing outfits, relationship drama and kitsch voiceover. SJP was spotted out filming in NYC wearing a v-necked white dress accessorized with an art deco inspired multicoloured necklace, cream box clutch and glittery gold Louboutin pointy stilettos. Love it!!!

We wonder what the story lines are going to be - will Aidan reappear on the scene and cause Carrie to question her marriage? How will Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha cope with the dirty r word "recession". It's just too exciting!

Photos: www.

Friday, 28 August 2009

Rihanna in Vogue Italia

Rocking a mohawk and sharp shoulders Rihanna graces the cover of the Vogue Italia September Couture supplement looking like a modern day Grace Jones. The spread was shot by super photog Steven Meisel and is thought to be the reason she shaved the sides of her hair.

We are beyond excited to check out the rest of the photos.

Rihanna, Style Bazaar salutes you.

Photo source: Vogue Italia via

Monday, 24 August 2009

Model Muse: Carmen Solomons

You may not have heard of the striking South African beauty but take one look at her and you know Carmen Solomons is heading for the supermodel stratosphere. Currently a new face at Storm models her luminous green eyes and beautiful bone structure have already set her apart. We can see her starring in campaigns for young edgy brands such as Alexander Wang and Phillip Lim.

Carmen, Style Bazaar salutes you.