Sunday, 8 June 2008


So SATC the movie has finally arrived!!! And it did not disappoint. I laughed, cried when Big jilted Carrie and cried some more during the New Year's eve montage. The fashion was fabulous as usual. Noteworthy items were Carrie's Dior shoes, studded Burberry belt which the cast and crew nicknamed Roger v. cute! that made an appearance in almost every scene of the movie and the cream Nina Ricci dress worn by Carrie when she goes back to her and Big's dream apartment to collect her gorgeous blue Manolo's.

The style lessons I'll be taking away from the film for this summer are:

SEXY UGLY: Pretty soft dresses look amazing with hard edgy shoes a la Carrie's green floaral dress toughened up with Dior shoes and a black studded belt. The same thing was done with her cream Nina Ricci dress, which was given attitude with a cream bomber jacket with a leather trim.

BIG IS HOT! BIGGER IS HOTTER: Big clutches are amazing for pulling together a look especially during the day. First of all it's unexpected, and it just makes an outfit that much more subversive preferably in a patent pink or yellow it is all about statement dressing after all!

So...if you only get three things to update your wardrobe this summer invest in a great pair of tough looking high heels that can glam up daywear and are versatile enough to wear in the evening. But avoid anything that says girly like dimante sparkles or bows.

LEATHER: A fitted leather bomber jacket in black or brown again to throw over cutesy floral dresses.

OOh and another cute look not from the film but from some very stylish girls I've seen walking the streets of London recently a looses mini dress or skater skirt with a vest tucked in cinched with a thin belt teamed with footless sheerish tights and a snug oversized cardigan the same length as the skirt or dress. It just looks so snug and cute. So there you have it!

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