Sunday, 28 September 2008

The Fashion Business: A tete -a-tete with Drapers Editor Lauretta Roberts

As a fashion lover I'm always keen to know what's going on in the glossies but for the most relevant information on the fashion industry - well there's no better place to look than Drapers magazine. An industry bible that's read by everyone from newbie designers to the fashion elite. And I was priviledged enough to be invited to a talk by the magazine's editor Lauretta Roberts hosted by the fabulous Fashion Business Club.

The event took place at exclusive London restaurant "Sketch" and Lauretta Roberts - looking immaculately groomed - was refereshingly candid about the state of the industry and what it takes for a newbie deigner to get noticed.

She advised those keen to get into the magazine to try to get a bit established before approaching them and sending an e-mail to a member of the team as the head honcho admitted she sometimes gets up to 200 e-mails a day - yeah seriously! So it's best to avoid cluttering her inbox.

A passion of mine is internet TV as I love the ability to be able to pick and choose my viewing therefore SKY plus is like my favourite thing ever! So I grilled Ms Roberts on whether we can expect video on the Drapers site anytime soon and her answer was encouraging. She acknowledged that content is king and said tentative steps were being taken towards providing videos on the site and this could happen as early as January - yay!!!

All in all a good time was had by all. And again many thanks to Courtney Blackman for inviting me!

To find out more about Drapers check out:

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