Thursday, 29 January 2009

Is Jessica Simpson fit or fat ?

Jessica Simpson has come under fire lately for sporting a fuller figure than she had in her pop star days. She's turned to country music and discovered her curves and some reeeally good fried chicken :) Ok jibes aside I think she looks gorgeous. She reminds me of screen sirens like Sophia Loren and Rita Hayworth.

The body fascists out there have got on their bitch ledge and have been making less than flattering comments about her. But let's face it - it's ridiculous to expect everyone to conform to a restrictive and often unhealthy idea of beauty. Now I don't mean to get all kum ba yah and heal the world about it but beauty comes in all shapes and sizes despite what the size 0 fanatics may think.

So yes tall lithe Gemma Ward looks great but so does a fuller figured Jessica Simpson and America's top model cycle 10 winner Whitney is just stunning.

Ok rant over what do you guys think ?

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wanda17 said...

I guess she's on Tony Romo's diet... Have you seen the latest pics? Jeez...
Jessica Simpson Fat