Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Beyonce Brings Down The House

Ms Sasha Fierce brought her "I Am.." world tour to London last night and literally brought the 02 Arena to a standstill. After a gruelling three hour wait for the diva to make her appearance I began to wonder if all the good reviews had simply been hype but from the first moment she appeared on stage there is no other way to put this she was simply sensational.

I imagine this is what it would have felt like to watch Michael Jackson at his peak Beyonce was awe inspiring. The hits were nonstop - she belted out Destiny's Child anthems such as "Survivor" as well as old favourites like "Crazy in Love" and of course hits from her latest album.

Her fierceness truly knows no boundaries. The self confessed diva performed "Baby Boy" after doing several frontflips while suspended midair ... I kid you not! And she had several surprises in store for her audience from the unexpected musical tributes like her version of Alanis Morisette's "You Oughta Know" to a heart wrenching rendition of Sarah Mclachlan's "Angel" it quickly became clear that the woman is truly a vocal powerhouse.

Now onto the most important part of the whole entire evening ...the outfits!!!!! Thierry Mulger has cemented his status as a design genius with the costumes he created for the tour. He convincingly gave us Beyonce in every guise imaginable. We had Beyonce the Barbarella esque superhero in a gold sparkly leotard with a huge glittery bustle, Beyonce the Opera singer in a white maxi dress that flowed dramatically as she belted out the classic Ave Maria and Beyonce as sassy single lady in a black crystal encrusted leotard accessorized with matching gloves.

From beginning to end the entire show was a visual feast. Beyonce's performance, her dancers, all female band, lighting, and video interludes all melded to create a magical spectacle.

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