Monday, 1 June 2009

MTV Movie Awards

It's always interesting to see what stars choose to wear to attend the MTV Movie Awards as it's not a formal do like the Oscars yet it's not as laid back casual as the Teen Choice awards. So it really seperates the fashionistas from the frumpies. This year fashion snaps go to Sienna Miller, Ashley Tisdale, Kirsten Stewart, Taraji P Henson and Leighton Meester who all looked edgy yet gorgeous.

Now for the "what were you thinking" lecture. Vanessa Hudgens we love you, you are a cutie pie, but what possessed you to drape a satin table cloth over your body in the hopes that no one would notice. The dress is way too big for you. And your accessories just look out of place even the amazing gladiator stilettos can't rescue this hideous outfit.

LC ditto. The black and red ruched disaster you have on needs to go - you are usually ultra fab I say ditch the stylist!

Miley - the shoes are amazing everything else you're wearing needs to be shoved into the back of your wardrobe until you're about 30 then it would work. The muted tone and style of the dress ages you!

And Megan Fox oh how we longed for an exciting ridiculously hot outfit from you. And to be fair from the neck down you delivered. The dress is gorgeous, heels we've seen on Me B already but we'll let you off. However we take issue with the awful slicked back hair and unflattering make-up we can't all be Dita Von Tees let it go. Bring back sultry Meagan of the smoky eyes and nude lips!

The boys were also out in force and looking v cute. Zac, Robert and even Paris' toyboy Doug scrubbed up deliciously.

Sacha Baron Cohen was also at the event as his alter ego fashion journalist Bruno and had Eminem fuming after he landed crotch down on him as part of a prank. The rap star was so incensed he stormed out with his bodyguards - someone can dish it out but they can't take it.


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