Thursday, 11 June 2009

Style Crush: Amber Rose

Yup you're not hallucinating Amber Rose is the latest object of my style affection. Yeezy's lady is to fashion what peanut butter is to jelly, an odd but ultimately perfect combo. Her chameleon like quality is what makes her so endlessly fascinating she can go from ghetto chic to slick and sophisticated in the blink of a perfectly mascared eye. And she's got that baaad ass attitude to boot. You just know she's got Michael Jackson's "Thriller" as her inner soundtrack.

I love the fact that at time when most people are trying to perfect the art of being fashionable yet classic and understated she's the complete antidote to that. She's miss "I am trying very hard to be noticed" and works it to the maximum in everything she wears.

It's being rumoured that she's been signed to Ford models so it seems we will be seeing s lot more of the intriguing Ms. Rose.


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