Monday, 3 December 2007

Bring Back the 80s

Often labelled the decade that style forgot I prefer to think of the 80s as the era of female empowerment and formidable fashion. Think Jessica Biels sexy, lithe and quick on her feet in Flashdance. How many imitations has that film spawned? J-LO in the "So Glad" video springs to mind and La Lopez did it justice. Thanks to that movie legwarmers moved away from being an odd appendage like item to exuding dancer chic. Baby gave us suburban chic at it's best in bodysuits and cut off denim shorts as she charmed her way into Patrick Swayze's heart in "Dirty Dancing". Who can forget the dance sequence at the end the lift ooh and of course 'nobody puts baby in the corner'. And the backdrop to this emerging sense of freedom, this bold aesthetic was Janet Jackson calling for "control" over thumping basslines and military beats. Though I was only a toddler in the 80s I salute it and know in my heart that I am truly a product of that generation.

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