Monday, 3 December 2007

The Hot List: All I Want For Christmas Edition

Tis the season to be extremely jolly. A time to be thankful for family and friends. But there's also the small matter of gift giving and of course receiving!!! It's just too exciting. It's impossible to go wrong with something that says stylish and slick. Whether your budget stretches to Prada or Primark there's a perfect gift solution out there you've just got to be discerning. My top picks are The Apple ipod touch - I haven't met anyone who isn't lusting after one of these. A happy marriage of form and function.

Other Gift Ideas

For him : A Nintendo Wii seems to be the gadget du jour I'm told by my male compadres. Failing this a quality watch will do nicely - Hugo Boss do a fabulous selection as do Jacob the (expensive) Jeweller.

For her: At this time of the year all the big cosmetics houses do great Make up kits. Stila and Mac are at the top of my list as the packaging and the product are always on point and gorgeous! Forget anything practical we can all buy ourselves diaries or whatever but it's the unexpected that prompts happy squeals of delight.

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