Sunday, 9 December 2007

Style Advisor: Christmas Party Dress Special!!!

Christmas parties are the perfect excuse to splash out on a new frock. And preferably something that says I'm here, gorgeous and deserve a promotion. You want to be the envy of your co-workers. There's no more delicious sound than hearing your male co-workers sharp intake of breath as they never knew such a hottie lurked behind those glasses and the women jealously clutching their men. Looking stunning is your revenge for the year long stresses and strains you've put up with. This is your time to shine so let's get blingin!

Tips and tricks:

- Don't feel you need to dress in something sparkly to stand out from the crowd. Effortless sophistication is what you're striving for so think well cut and most importantly figure flattering.
-This is one occasion where trousers and jeans (shudder) are not going to make the cut so don't even think about it.
-Shoe wise go for metallics silver and gold go with pretty much everything are are in keeping with the festive spirit.
-Black is banned!!
- A jewelled headband is a great accessory if you want to go for subtle impact.

Some Ideas:

Grey Dress:Antic batik 148 pounds

Beige Dress: Shakuhaci dress £148

Silver Stilettos: Christian Loboutin

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