Sunday, 23 December 2007

Plan Your Wardrobe, Work your Plan

With 2008 looming what better way to start the year than with a co-ordinated easily accesible wardrobe. My mind is already awash with a million and one resolutions and I'm already bounding around like an over excited puppy, fizzing over with excitement knowing that if i can achieve my aims my life will be that much more fabulous. So where to get started. Well I've been reading a lot of self help recently to put myself in the right mindframe for 2008 and I'll save you some cash as most of the advice boild down to a few basic principals.
Numero uno - Set goals, 2. Set a deadline for your goals and stick to it 3. Don't sweat the smal stuff! 4. Most of it is small stuff!

Ok So wardrobe wise I'm thinking this means, de-junk. I am the worst at this I'm a major hoarder. I just can not let go of stuff even if I know I'll never wear it again. I might just wear it round the house I convince myself. Even if it is an ultra tight floor length tiger print skirt I bought when i was 13 hardly the pinnacle of style. Anyways I digress so let go of stuff you won't wear. Be firm with yourself and think not only will you be doing the world a service by giving your unwanted wares to charidee (you model citizen you!) but you'll also be freeing up much needed space for those 08 fashion moment you won't want to miss.

Ok apart from space organisation is a bit deal. I'm not going to go all Martha stewart and recommend colour coordinating as it's so blah and pretty much impossible as no one has that much free time. And anyway if I did i'd rather be indulging in my secret habit of watching QVC - hey it's relaxing. So the best thing to do is just group like items together but also break them down into sub sectins. Think of your wardrobe like a mini boutique. So all jeans together, all black trousers together etc. then go that step further by segmenting them into work, play, weekend, party! and voila. Mon - Fri will mostly be work but you may have to dip into play if you're going out in the evenings etc. This way you avoid the Thursday morning can't find anything to wear panic that results in your whole wardobe being tossed onto your bed in morning rage! Not a good look.

It's that simple and rememer what they say if you can stick with it for a month then it should stick forever.

Have a great christmas!

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