Thursday, 13 December 2007

Neo Classics

Classics translate into trusty old favourites. Every autumn winter magazines do tasteful fashion layouts on the one or two items that will pull together every outfit and result in tres chic with minimum effort. They're usually a well cut white shirt or a sensible pair of brown leather boots or something that would fit neatly into that category. Well quite frankly I'm bored of these so called style staples. How many white shirts, little black dresses, black/beige trench coats (delete where applicable) can you own without getting sick of the sight of them. Well personally one of each is it for me.

But there's new breed of usrpers creeping in keen to steal the limelights from these prim and proper yearly offerings and I've got to say I am sold. Patent Black and gold accesories are really doing it for me at the mo. They say young, foxy and so owning it on the dancefloor. I recently got a gorgeous black patent belt wih a gold buckle and feel like Joan Collins circa Dynasty when I wear it powerful, bold and sexy.

Statement jewellery: A big cocktail ring (always in silver, never gold - that's just the rules), or a great distinctive necklace really pull together an outfit. Especially something that can look a bit boring like the office staple of pencil skirt and tucked in white shirt it just says I'm taken a moment to think about my outfit and makes it that much more interesing and visual.

The Superclutch: The only prerequisite is that they're large slouchy or structured there's just something so fashiony and confident about a woman who can pull off this look. For daytime style Vuitton do a great selection and there are many similar alternatives from the high street. I'm addicted to patent at the moment so I'd say for evening go high shine, and bold. The best version I've seen of this trend is a super body con LBD with a patent black superclutch that had silver letterng embossed all over it. Trust me it looked gorgeous!!


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