Monday, 4 February 2008

Let the Battle Commence...

Let's face it since the end of Sex and the City in 2005 tv has been a big fashion free zone. I mean sure we've had America's Next Top Model, 24, Californication, 30 Rock and more recently Mistresses (a BBC produced SATC wannabe) the list goes on and on. And yeah they've all been entertaining yadda yadda yadda but the fact is none of them come close to spurring a fashion obsession or even a mild flicker of style lust. But now it seems that like buses, and shoes all good things do come in pairs as 'Cashmere Mafia' and 'Lipstick Jungle' both glossy sitcoms about feisty glamorous urbanites are set to hit UK screens any day now - lucky Americans have already seen a few episodes.

Wikipedia Blurbs:
Cashmere Mafia follows the lives of four ambitious and sexy women, who've been longtime best friends since their days at business school, as they try to balance their glamorous and demanding careers with their complex personal lives by creating their own "boys' club" (The Cashmere Mafia) to protect each other and discuss their personal ups and downs as they try to have it all in New York City.

The premise of Lipstick jungle appears to tread similar ground to Bushnell's famed Sex and the City, following the lives of three New York career women; a fashion designer called Victory Ford, magazine editor Nico O'Neilly, and Parador Pictures president Wendy Healy; however in this book the women are a little older, richer, and more powerful.

Both shows seem equally matched but I am leaning towards Cashmere Mafia fot two reasons; I'm a big Darren Star fan I mean we're talking about the man responsible for some of the most captivating telly of the last 10 years Melrose Place, Beverly Hils 90210, and of course SATC the man is a tv legend. Add the ever stylish and charismatic Lucy Liu into the mix and you've got a winning formula.

Lipstick jungle seems ok but just a bit blah. I've never been a big Brooke Shields fan and although Candace Bushnell came up with the original idea for SATC I could never get into her writing. So only a weekend in with ice cream and watching them back to back will tell but in the meantime there are the publicity shots to gaze at.

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