Friday, 1 February 2008

Bloomin Lovely

As we move closer to spring the bronzed look used to brighten up dull winter skin has to go to make way for something altogether fresher. A look I like to call 'faux natural' personified by Kate Bosworth and Kerry Washington. These two always look flawless and you'd be hard pressed to point out that they're wearing make up but you know they must be as no one look that great naturally. Beaming fresh skin, lovely doe eyes and glossy hair all merge together in one truly gorgeous package.
The key to this look is creamy textures. So soft liquid foundation with the lightest dusting of sheer translucent powder on top and cream blusher. The blusher especially just wakes up the face and just gives skin a touchable softness.

Here are three of the best:

Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge, Nars the Multiple, Daniel Sandler watercolour liquid blushers.

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