Saturday, 23 February 2008

Fast Fashion: Friend or Foe?

Budget shopping has come a long way from the days where the wares on offer were misshapen and faded but you bought them anyway thinking at those throwaway prices it would be a crime not too. In the last couple of years there's been a shift in the thinking of budget chains such as Matalan, Peacocks, Ethel Austin and Primark. Fierce competition from supermarkets and major high street chains has meant that they've had to up their game to stay in the game - think fashion Darwinism. As I browsed through the rails at Primark the other day I could literally not believe my eyes the clothes, shoes, belts, bags and even bedding were so cheap but herein lies the fantastic contridiction also chic - and I'm not talking Moschino cheap and chic more like lunch at McDonalds or a cute little patent clutch with a bow cheap and chic and I know which I'd go for. The turnover at these stores is super fast as they have to stay up to date with current trends in order to keep us traipsing through their doors. And when celebrities started proudly declaring that they shopped in these cut priced emporiums budget shopping went from an embarrasing secret to the nation's faourite pastime - in a look at us we're British and oh so thrifty way. There has been some discussion about the 'dark side' of fast fashion - kids working in sweat shops etc which obviously I don't condone and the retailers mentoned have spoken out saying that they adhere to the strictest working practices domestically and abroad. So I say as long as no one is getting hurt and it means we can all get a little fashion fix without breaking the bank what's the harm?

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