Saturday, 23 February 2008

Shooting from the Lip.

Forget lipcolour a good lip texture is hard to find. I've been a gloss addict for as long as I can remember and know the best brands for me - Stila (Lip Glaze) and Lancome (Juicy Tubes)- in terms of giving good sheer coverage not too light not too gloopy and providing the staying power of a smudge proof liner. But like the intrepid fashionista that I am I've gotten bored bored bored of gloss and want change. Right so I did what I always do when I'm after something new list my options and test them out. Long long ago when I was just a little lady I looked up at my female teachers with lipstick on their teeth and spread messily across their mouths and decided it would never be for me. But for the sake of research I spent an afernoon in Selfridges beauty hall trying on the crem de la crem of lipsticks MAC, NARS, Bobbi Brown, Channel, Dior, Giorgio Armani you name it I smeared it on and you know what my 8 year old self was right. There are probably some women who look great in it but pour moi I've gotta give it nil points. It just made my already generous lips look extra inflated and dried out. Then I read an interview with Rachel Bilson you know one of those if you had 0.3 seconds to get ready what would you apply befoe leaving the house things. And she said mascara and ... lip stain. And I had a Homer 'doh!' moment right there of course lip stain. Not creamy or overpowering and the result a lovely looking natural flush. So I tried the one by Benetint and you knnow what I'm very impressed. It's like my natural lipcolour just more exaggerated but not full on scary looking. La Bilson mentioned Tarte's cheek stain, which she uses on her lips but as beauty democracy dicates I've displayed a few others above.

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