Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Unpretty in Pink!

Tech companies just don't get women. My first indication of this was a couple of years ago when the motorola RAZAR phone came out it was the gadget du jour. So what did Motorola do to make them it female friendly - they made them in pink. Ok so maybe this caught Paris Hilton's eye but I for one was insulted. This kind of thinking was obviously generated by a man in a suit with a head for numbers but a lack of any style sensibility. Dolce & Gabbana nailed the brief when they came up with a limited edition metallic gold and black version of the phone that said it all; bling, bold and beautiful.

Now luxury goods seller Giovari have come up with a 'serendipity' collection of phones that's basically Nokia 8800 and N76 handsets encrusted with "vintage 1930s and 1940s intaglio Czech stones sprinkled with tiny specks of aventurine gold," according to Luxurylaunches that have sadly gravely misjudged it's target audience. Contrary to what misguided marketing executives believe women require more from their gadgets than simple good looks and pastel colours. And even if the phones were being judged on that limited criteria they'd fail abysmally as they are just gaudy.

So if you're on the lookout for a phone that does it all and has the right credentials though it's nothine new a trusty Blackberry is a phone a fashionista can sport with pride, sleek, functional and reliable it's no surprise that it earned the moniker 'crackberry' from its loyal fans. And what's more it doesn't come in pink so it gets my vote.

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