Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Girdle Talk

So in the run up to Christmas I was feeling a bit 'over indulgent' shall we say and ate every meal as if it was my last. Mealtimes became something to look forward to and I'd plan them with military precision. I mean I would actually slip into reveries about chicken stir fries. Now, I've never really been a foodie. Yeah food tastes good and it keeps you going and sure I'm partial to pistacio nuts and the odd packet of malteasers ooh and walkers BBQ crisps but on the whole I can control myself. I mean I've always known that I'm not one of those women who wakes up weighting 30 stone and wonders with actual shock how she got so huge. To put it plainly I know when to back away from a Snickers bar. There's a thin line between curvy and fat and I tow it.

Ok so the point of my ramblings? Well as I was saying I got a bit too into the 'festive spirit' over the holidays but I also blame the cold weather I was probably unknowingly suffering from seasonal affective disorder. Anyway to cut a long story short I've packed on the pounds. Now I'm a UK size 8-10 so you know I thought it's no problemo I'll lose it in the New Year after all isn't that what resolutions are all about. So there I am thinking it's all gonna be ok as long as I avoid my skinny jeans for a bit when post christmas my aunt pulls me aside and she's like 'Um T, I want to give you some advice'. ok I'm thinking pearls of wisdom from someone older and wiser heck I could so do with this especially with my whole self improvement in 08' plan (more on that later). She then drops this bombshell: 'I think you should invest in a good girdle becaue you know this *she pinches what are admittedly generous thighs* run in the family'. Gobsmacked does not begin to describe my expression. Yeah I'd filled out a bit. But aren't girdles for ladies of a certain generation. I mean there is no way a happening (ok now I'm even starting to sound old!) 20 something like me could possibly need one. Suffice to say I'll be ignoring that comment but the post new year gym sessions starts now!! And for those of you into the idea od body hugging lycra - apparently they're great worn under tight body con type dresses - I'm yet to be convinced. How can you feel sexy when in the back of your mind you know you're wearing a garment akin to a stretchy chastity belt? But for those who want to give it a go below are some options.

Magic Firm Control Thigh Slimmer £20.00 M&S from

Firm Control New Magic Cup Body £35.00 from

Spanx Hide & Seek Full Slip £57.00 from

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