Friday, 11 January 2008

Be Beautiful...

I was shown the most fantastic new way of putting on mascara the other day and I'm pleased to report my lashes are looking luscious.
My hairdresser even asked me if I'd put fake lashes in - result!
Ok so I was at the MAC counter (again) a couple of days ago - hey some people do yoga to de-stess I make up shop - looking at the new collection of eyeshadows called 'Originals', which by the way is a cornucopia of gorgeus colours, and the new contourng powders (from the new Sculpt & Shape range) when an assistant asked if I needed help. Not wanting to be rude I obliged. And she tried the contouring powder on me and it was fab I actually looked like I had Grace Jones style shapr cheekbones.

But I digress when she was about to apply mascara to my lashes she asked me to close my eyes then applied it to both lashes at once. What I hear you say?? But yeah I'll repeat it for those at the cheap seats in the back I closed my eyes and mascara was applied to both the top and bottom lashes at the same time and better still I didn't get that horrible clumping effect that sometimes happens wen mascara is applied to the small lower lashes. Zoom Lash was used and personally I think it's much better than YSL's Faux Cils which I find tends to dry out very quickly. And I know I'm always going on about MAC make up but it gives instant results and that's wha I like. Something that does what it says on the tin or in this case tube.

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