Thursday, 31 January 2008

Naomi & Kate do French Vogue Feb 08

Temper tantrums and drug scandals aside it's undeniable that after all these years Naomi and Kate are still the hottest chicks in the game. The new crop of mini supers Gemma Ward, Lily Donaldson and Chanel Iman look amazing and strut the catwalk like poised giraffes but when it comes to sheer enduring magnetism these two can't be outdone. The French Vogue cover is exactly what a cover should be striking and they both look smouldering and cool. The pics are understated but that's what's great aout them you're just focusing on Naomi and Kate and almost drinking in their fabulousness. They aren't just models they've become iconic. Wherever you roam mention the name Naomi Campbell or Kate Moss and you'll get an instant flicker of recognition. And there are rumours that Naomi has caught the eye of Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez when she interviewed him for GQ so we could soon be referring to her as Naomi the first lady now that would be interesting to say the least!

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