Thursday, 10 January 2008

Glamour Inc.

Now it's no secret that I have a penchant for all things glamourous and glitzy. If I could I'd sport smouldering smoky eyes and full length evening gowns 24/7 you know I would but alas the life of a supermodel wasn't to be so instead I look to certain designers for a daily dollop of the fabulous life. My love of beautiful design and it's power to transform not only how you look but intrinsically how you feel all began in the early 90s with the rise of the supermodel - Naomi, Linda, Cindy, and Christy - and the first designer to put these women out there looking nothing short of amazing - Gianni Versace. Versace as a brand has continued to flourish with Donatella at the helm. And it's designs still ooze aspiration, gloss, and woman power. An iconic brand for strong, powerful women who know they can rule the world an look gorgeous doing so. It's striking poster campaigns shot by uber photographers such as Bruce Weber and Mario Testino are works of art in my eyes comparable to anything Rembrandt ever did and a damn sight more sexy. Versace Style Bazzar salutes you!

Check out Patrick Dempsey in the latest versace Menswear campaign:

Demi Moore and Halle Berry looking ultra fabulous in previous campaigns:

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