Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Laundry Day aka Less is More

I think I've single handedly solved the never having anything to wear quandry women worldwide owe me :). It all started last week when due to a combination of factors- a renewed interest in Bette Middler movies I watched Beaches and Outrageous Fortune in the same week and ang a growing obession with gadget blogs don't ask it's a whole other frontier I managed to push all thoughts of doing my laundry into the farthest recesses of my mind until I kid you not I was literally down to 8 clean garments. But then something fantastic happened. Because I had less choice I started dressing better. Adding a funky belt here and putting together unusual quirky combinations that I wouldn't have in my most psychadelic moments dared had my trusty failsafe's been hanging up in my wardrobe. So all this time there I was thinking I had nothing to wear when in actuality I had too much and it was clouding my style chi.

And it's done wonders for my style cred the look was basically tight black Seven jeans, dove grey pointed ballet flats with a bow at the front, and a cute biscuit coloured short Warehouse puff sleeved blouse cinched in with a wide Topshop navy stretchy belt. Add an oversized slouchy bag (mine's from Whistles) and I was on fire! Several compliments later and after spotting a co-worker who's one of those women who seems surgically attached to her 4 inch stilettos in a pair of leopard print pointed flats with a bow at the front - she was only fooling herself if she thought I hadn't noticed the copycat-I knew I wasonto something good!

I don't know how long it'll last as I caved in and did my laundry over the weekend so I'm once again faced with lots of different bits and getting dressed in the morning has reverted back to a full 45 minute bout of umming and ahhing but it's good to know that when in doubt less is indeed more.

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