Monday, 7 January 2008

Quick Fixes

As I scrambled out of my flat this morning looking more hobo than boho it hit me that scarpering into the office sans make up and looking rough was so not hot! In my defence it was 5am - don't ask - and I'd overslept. But even in these sorts of mad dash situations there should be a fashion/beauty minimum. I mean what if there had been some mega opportunity on offer and I missed out because I didn't look the part. As they say in life there are no second chances but luckily in fashion there are plenty of shortcuts so here are some failsafe ways to avoid being caught out looking H.A.M (a hot ass mess!):

- Ponytails are your friend : But instead of scrunching your hair into a scrunchie get a pack of blax elastic bands and you'll look pulled together as opposed to frantic. A plain double headband will also achieve the same effect.
- Clothing wise bright colours always draw the eye. So if like me you're often in a rush and don't always have time to iron out trouser creases always keep a soft pashmina in a muted pink or soft looking beige to hand. This will immediately give your whole look an extra polish and doubles up as comfort blanket in boring meetings.
-No time to apply foundation? Don't stress a matt bronzer will do the job and brighten your features. Just make sure it's buffed on with a big fluffy powder brush. Avoid using a puff at all costs you'll just look sun baked and not in a flattering way!
-Lipgloss often requires some concentration so just dab on an intensely moisturizing libalm with a sheen instead. Kiehls do a great one!

C'est tout!

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