Tuesday, 29 January 2008

SAG Awards:Highlights and Lowlights

Afer the fashion wasteland that was the golden globes - due to the ongoing writers strike - it was a joyful thing to behold the fancy frocks at the Screen Actors Guild Awards. Kate Hudson did earthy and gorgeous in Balmain like only she knows how and I've never been a fan of Ellen Pompeo and have always found her too skinny and whiney but I've got to give it to her she glowed in silver Ninna Ricci. My only gripe is she would've looked better with her hair down. It was only half a look for me. Kind of like when you're in a shop trying on a dress but because you're only in the changing rooms you don't have the accoutrements needed to pull it all together e.g big earrings, hair blow dried, flawless make up. The dress looks great but she lacks finishing touches. Top Marks go to Vanessa Williams in Escada who looked gorgeous and glowed in yellow. Loved it!

Less impressive was Cate Blanchett in Balenciaga. I love the woman's acting but when it comes to fashion sensibility we just don't mesh. There was just too much going on with her outfit. It was a cloying take on flower power and she looked like she was in good need of a J-lo bronzing session.
As for Anne Paquin I did not believe the girl was wearing Marchesa until I read it with my own two eyes. How could she unwittingly reduce such a power label to drabness. The look lacked sparkle and to be fair to her she didn't look hideous it was just boring.

OOh roll on the Oscars the fashion frenzy has just begun.

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