Thursday, 17 January 2008

Celeb Endorsed Chaos

Penelope and Monica Cruz for Mango, Kate Moss for Topshop even bloody Lily Allen for New Look it seems these days celebrities are only too aware that cachet can be traded in for truckloads of cash. And high street shops desperate to get us through their doors are only too happy to push this modern phenomenon of CEF (celebrity endorsed fashion). And insultingly, they seem to credit us with the brains of an amoeba and will power of a sex addict. And the sad thing is that - they are right. Like lambs being led to the slaughter or in this case tills we are only too happy to part with our hard earned cash for a slice of mass marketed beautifully packaged celebrity tat.

Yup that’s right the often unspeakable truth is that most of it isn’t great. The gloss of the campaign poster never quite fulfils its promised. On me, the waistcoats look drab and a bit try hard instead of draping in that louche boho way favoured by Sienna and the Olsens. The fabrics are inferior quality and the cuts often sloppy and unflattering. But what does that matter for a celeb endorsed stamp of approval? It seems we lose all power of reasoning when it comes to this the most acceptable of modern day addictions. It’s a bit like what happens during sale season but with a double downside the clothes are ugly and you’ve paid a premium for them. Ooh and those rich celebs are laughing all the way to the bank.

Not to sound like the Germaine Greer of fashionistas or anything (what would that make me a fashionist or a fashionable feminist) but whatever happened to individual style and creating a unique look? Style is not about uniformity it is about expression. Taking a bit of inspiration from here and there, matching, having fun is its essence.

So I for one will not be joining the huge queues outside Topshop next time La Moss decides it's time to dust out the old clothes in her wardrobe and make cheap copies of them.

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